We finally made it home about midnight, exhausted and I asked myself did I really do this trip? Sadly, it was over.

In Arkansas, this RV didn't make it and I certainly hope the passengers were ok. Traffic was backed up for miles.

We stayed in Yukon, home to Garth Brooks, on the way back. We were no longer on Route 66 so after this night we decided to drive the next 700 plus miles straight home. I wanted to be in my own bed after 3 weeks of motels. But after getting home we then had to make the 110 mile round trip to Birmingham to return the rental car. A lot of miles in one day.

Just because.

Had a big o' cheeseburger here.

The old cars were visitors who were traveling Route 66, and not part of the display.

An original piece of old 66 pavement in the museum.

Geese Crossing

Route 66 Museum

As if he's saying, "And just what are you looking at?"

On the way back down with more people coming up.

A hideout cave that we just had to explore.

A reconstructed dugout of one of the first white men to establish a ranch here. Of course this was after all the indians had been run off. I considered using it as Nathan's timeout corner but then I would have to come back for him.

We visited Palo Duro Canyon south of Amarillo. What's another 17 miles?

I had the pecan pie and Nathan had the chocolate. I have to say it was the best pie I have ever had and was well worth the cost. $10 for 2 pieces of pie? Yikes! But oh so good.

This place really is in the middle of nowhere.

The Ford truck with all the writing on it has been moved so Nathan now knows it runs!

The Midpoint Cafe in Adrain, Texas that was closed when we drove through before. We had a great breakfast here.

As was this one.

This was so cool.

This just somewhere on the road back home, I don't remember the town. At this point I just wanted to go home and then again I didn't want the trip to end.

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